The work is a real time 3D visual performance and video installation. It is based on a research on 3D scans and photogrammetry of archeological objects, animal nerves, old ornaments presented in collections and museums around the world.

These advanced scanning techniques are enabling to record informations and to digitalize the shape of real objects. Each scan captures the uniqueness of an object, existed in the past. The scan carries within his data all the signs of a past life and its marks. The proportions are maintained, as well as the details, the flaws.


Nuova Astrazione is the audiovisual project of Paulina Greta and Andrea Reni. It was presented both as a video installation and as a performance.

Nuova Astrazione performed with Alessandro Adriani and Domenico Romeo in a serie of live acts - Movimento - with 3D visuals interacting with body movements and music.